Thursday, March 31, 2011

i {heart} vacation (and coming home again)

we got to go on a little get-away last week.  it was so great to have a change of pace and enjoy time as a couple and with good friends.  we went to a cabin (a.k.a. huge log house) right on a lake.  there was a foot of new snow the second night we were there (thank goodness our friends had 4 wheel drive).  we relaxed, played wii, cards, put together jigsaw puzzles and ate good food.  but it was good to come home again to see my kids and get back into the routine and sleep in my own bed.  i think miss baby gained 10 pounds while we were gone, she is HUGE! 

i really didn't take many pictures while we were there, but i haven't been too camera happy at all these days.  here are a few shots that i did take:
the view out the door (pretty much this whole side of the house was windows/slider doors so you could see this from everywhere)

this little guy forever paddling a canoe we dubbed "Ricardo"
he overlooked all our card games from above the living area
with our good friends who joined us on this little vacay...
(missing from photo: our other good friends who couldn't make it)
chad and i (ignore my squinty eyes please... sun + snow = REALLY bright!)

Monday, March 14, 2011

i used to make cards....

once upon a time there was a girl who liked to make cards.  then she had 4 babies and stopped making them.

that girl made an appearance last month at my house.

i spent an hour or so the other day stamping again for the sole purpose of making birthday cards (and one baby card) for FUN.  one of my goals this year was to start making cards again and make them in advance of when i actually need them.  (so far i am 0 for like 10... better late than never, right?)  it felt sooooo wonderful to create cards again!

it's been a very long time since i have posted any projects i've been working on. and since i still {heart} making cards i figured it would be appropriate to post such things. to those with recent (and i use this term loosely) birthdays you may just see one of these coming your way in the near-ish future!

so here are a few that i made:

this one is out of my typical comfort zone of cards... the haphazard crookedness is not something i typically do, but i still kinda like how it turned out
the inside of this card (has a bit more "fun-ness" than i typically do)
super duper simple (my go-to style for sure)
the baby card (the sun made a shadow of the popped up accent, looks weird)
a whole basket full of cards!

Now just to get them sent out ;)

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

leg crosser

another quick post on miss baby.  (disclaimer:  kinda boring and probably only something that really I think is cute and blog-worthy)

she has this cute little habit of crossing her legs when she is relaxin'. we even saw this on ultrasound before she was born (but i am waaaay to lazy to track down that pic and scan it so i can show you. sorry.  you'll just have to believe me)  but here is proof as she's eating breakfast.  often as she's sitting on the floor playing she'll cross her legs as well as when she's sitting on someones lap.  just a little miss baby quirk that i think is super sweet.