Thursday, July 22, 2010


she lost her first tooth... (actually she has lost two, i am a little delayed in finally getting this post written)

that night when she went to bed she was quite excited for the tooth fairy to give her some dough.  i had to go up to her room at one point to request she settle down to sleep. 
her response:  "mom, the tooth fairy STILL hasn't come!" 
me:  "well you need to actually go to sleep for her to come" 
her:  "i lay my head down like this (she demonstrates a most restful pose) and close my eyes, then i check under my pillow but she still isn't coming!" 
me:  "again, you have to fall asleep for real"
her: "ugh, i am just so excited"

when she lost her second tooth she heard (from a friend who has a more generous tooth fairy) that if she left the tooth in a glass in the kitchen she might get more money for it, so that is what she did.  she did get a slight increase for that tooth.  the ease of getting the tooth undetected was worth the extra coin ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Super Seven....

Miss Baby is 7 months old....   (i {heart} this age! can i freeze time now please?)

big things happening lately:
~ she has another tooth coming in (the other front bottom one)
~ she is army crawling and starting to get up on all fours and rocking... (if there is something she sees on the floor that she wants, she will get it)
~ she is super grabby... pulls my hair and skin constantly when i hold her and as evidenced in the picture above, she will grab at anything that catches her little eye
~ she started eating solids (why do they call baby food "solids"??? they are anything but that)  she loves bananas and sweet potatoes so far.  she does NOT like rice cereal.  makes her gag.
~ she loves being outside and will contentedly play for quite awhile on the deck in her super cool vintage play pen i found at a second hand store.

~she loves bath time... i love all her chubby rolls :)