Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter blessings...

it was one of "those" weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. 

hubby felt like he was being attacked.  we believe that spiritual warfare is a very real thing and this past week we felt it in a very real way.

it was a week where little things were so much harder than they should have been, or figured they would be.  Murphy's Law appeared to be a true phenomenon.  looking at the big picture, NONE of the issues we had the past week were significant.  no one we loved was seriously injured or taken from us.      

BUT, you know what?  we still celebrated Easter! PRAISE GOD that every single day we can celebrate the amazing sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus.  what a gift.  pure grace.   Satan will not win.  Death has been defeated. 

and so we take heart, even in the times where spiritual warfare feels so real. so hard.   Jesus has overcome.  and we continue on encouraged and feeling blessed.

and guess what else! 

we took our traditional Easter Sunday quick-a-minute-after-church-self-timer-family picture on our front porch:

we took 2 pictures.  BOTH are winners, what?! an Easter miracle. ha ha.  (guess it's time to update the family picture on the side bar of this blog, huh?)