Thursday, November 14, 2013

Southwest Road Trip - 2013

Okey dokey, here we go. 

This summer we went on a fantastic road trip to Phoenix, AZ to visit Chad's sister and family.  She graduated from med school and is officially a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.  SO awesome!  So VERY proud of her.

We left at night again since that worked so fantastically last summer and also scheduled our first stop at a KOA with deluxe cabins.   Again I sing the praises of KOA's deluxe cabins.  We stayed in Pueblo South, Colorado.  We over anticipated possible stops and hiccups so we ended up near our destination by early morning already.  This led us to stop for breakfast at the Garden of the Gods (rather than a parking lot of a truck stop... WAY better choice!!!)  It was so peaceful and gorgeous there.  Lots of birds singing their praises for a new day.  We loved spending some time there exploring.

our eldest is taking notes?? or something. and dd #2 is into photo bombing these days.
After we got our fill we went to KOA and true to our experience with KOA's have fantastic customer service they let us in our cabin waaaayyy before check-in time.  We had the whole day for Chad to sleep (since he was the rock star driver and drove the entire night) and for the girls and I to enjoy the playground and pool.  We even tried a game of mini-golf.  God smiled down on us and made it start raining so what would have been the longest game known to man was cut short.  (side note: 3 and 5 year olds do not exactly possess mini-golfing skills.  They cheat.  A lot.)

the cheater putting the ball in the hole with her hands

mom showing how it's done ;)

A great start to our trip.  Stay tuned for Day 2 (and NO I promise I will not have a post for each and every day...)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Summer Stuff

Blogging about summer after our first snowfall warms me up a bit! 

Here's a few things from the summer starting with the "beginning" which would be the last day of school!

Yep.  They are excited!

The first bit of summer was kinda cold and rainy but by mid-June we had our pool pass and were using it as much as possible.  Sadly I took zero pictures at the pool this summer.  I thoroughly enjoy these precious years where the kids enjoy the local pool.

I also hauled the slip-n-slide out to teach the younger half of the family the joy of sliding down a strip of wet plastic.

Miss J loved it.  Miss Baby was more content to sit in a towel by mom in the shade.


We also discovered that a stray cat had kittens and were living in the neighbors backyard storage shed.  We enjoyed watching them play and grow bigger and braver each week.

AND at the end of June: A road trip to Phoenix, AZ.

So that will be next up on the blog.  The Arizona Road Trip Travel Log.  I know you are all so excited!  Ha Ha. 

Until next time....