Thursday, March 21, 2013

The March Post

I think my new method of blogging is one post a month. That is the pattern for 2013 thus far, anyway.

So here is a little re-cap of life lately:

In February I turned 29 again. The night before my birthday my girlies planned an elaborate "surprise party" (to which I received an invitation and was told to wear black and white).   They had decorated the dining room with my old penguin collection and planned out "penguin" type games.  We danced like penguins, pinned the bow and the watch on the penguin, and had yummy food.  So very sweet!  Seriously, I was so impressed with their creativity and cuteness!

My mom came to visit.  She surprised my sister who lives near me for her birthday and also stayed with me while Chad was in Michigan again for seminary.   I was terrible about taking pictures, but got a few from her camera.  We love her visits and miss her so very much when she leaves.  So grateful for Skype and phones to keep in touch!

 We have been taking advantage of the local library a little more often this winter.  It has such a great area for the kids!  Miss Baby didn't quite understand the concept of being able to check out books, but she LOVED taking them out and stacking and lining them up and looking through them.  (sorry librarians who had to put them all away again!)

 Don't let these pictures above fool you.  The pictures below is our reality:

Winter just does not seem to want to let go.  Must remember to send it the memo that Spring is officially here and to go away already.

In fact I think the poor birds are so confused by the cold weather that they are flying into anything to try to warm up.  Yesterday when I returned from Coffee Break Bible Study there was bird in my kitchen.  I screamed and then for a few minutes panicked as it flew around banging into one window after another.  I called Chad at work but I had the van so he couldn't just zip home to rescue me.  Plus miss baby kept saying "ooh, birdie!" and heading toward it as it lay stunned on the ground after yet another run in with my windows.  I finally got my head on straight and opened a few windows and popped the screens out cause I REALLY did not want to actually have to touch it.  It flew out eventually and I hope it found a nice tree to hide in and recover from it's injuries.   I'm just glad that I wasn't home when it first flew out of my fireplace (that is the only thing we can think of as to how it got into the house).  I am pretty sure I would have peed my pants and my screams would have permanently scarred miss baby for life.  Exciting times here :)

Happy Spring!