Friday, December 7, 2012


It seems like this time of year I am keenly aware of how much STUFF we have.  The prospect of adding to that pile of stuff makes me somewhat ill and so I clean through the house to get rid of some STUFF (just to make room for more?)

This is the solution Miss Baby has come up with:

To keep her stuff close to her (in case her mother comes by and decides to clean out her toy box I suppose) she stuffed her stuff in her pjs.

However, having all that stuff around can make one a bit uncomfortable. It can feel a bit stifling and makes it hard to move around. 
AND you want to be able to find your phone in case you need to make a call.

Monday, December 3, 2012

I {heart} fall too

There has been some technical difficulties going on around here on my blog.  My picture storage has reached it's capacity and some previous posts lost their pictures.  (ugh) I have fixed most of them, but it takes for.everrrrrrrrrrr. 

Now I am kinda hesitant to post something new because what old pictures are going to vanish?  So this will be a bit of a trial and hopefully it will all just stay put.

Anyhoo.  I have a self proclaimed deep love of summer.  However, I must confess that each season has it's benefits and beauty.  We had a great fall.  Warm temps, only snowed once. A fantastic show of leaves (which are all picked up now... phew!)  Fall also brought great photo ops.  I took each girly girls pics over the past couple months.  To narrow down the massive amount of pics I could post I made a collage of each.  (family beware, new pics will be coming your way to grace your fridge or drawer, wherever you might keep them! ha ha)

My eldest in her double digit glory:

Then my photogenic second child, seriously this girl can take the best pictures, as long as she is in the right mood that is:
Miss J, Miss Sassy, Miss Ball of Energy in constant motion, the challenge was to catch her smile instead of chattering:
Miss Baby, my most challenging for sure in the picture taking department. She is two going on 15 much to my dismay.  I would like to keep her little forever thank you very much.

Now we speed onward toward winter.  Enjoying mild temps and no snow.  Yay!   Anticipating Christmas when the kiddos are young is so precious, no?  I love it.