Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy winter! oh, oops I mean Easter.

We took our traditional after the Easter church service family pictures.  Last year we had an Easter miracle and took two great pictures.  This year?  We took 4.  NONE of them are "perfect."  (Maybe cause Chad isn't wearing a tie this year.) 

We also experienced Easter snow this year.  The day started off as sunny and a little cool, but not freezing at least... on the way to church we heard the radio station say something about snow.  We said, "nah, no way it will get cold enough today to snow"  hmmm, wrong-o.  On the way home from our lunch at Grandpa and Grandmas it started to snow.  Crazy.  God's early April fools joke maybe? I just comfort myself with the fact that winter cannot stay forever.  In a few months time we will be playing at the pool in the sunshine.  And months go by fast these days.  I thought 2013 just started and it is already April.

Anyway, Happy Easter to anyone who reads my little blog. (hi mom!) 

Praise Jesus, what a Savior!