Tuesday, February 14, 2012

january goals: check, check

wow, i've been a bit of a slacker in the blogging department.  BUT that's because I've been so busy with working on my 2012 goals!

my January goals were:
1) clean out my fridge and freezer really good - done!  no pics of it in it's shiny clean organized gloriousness however, because, really, who wants to see my fridge.  very boring. (side note confession:  i had 6 bottles of mustard in there...?!!??  3 were expired.)
2) restock my card stash - done! i made 30ish cards to get me started here in 2012.  here are some of my faves:

AND I've finished one of my February goals already as well (read "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan)
that leaves me with a big paper pile mess to deal with.... anyone have tips on organizing that stuff and what needs to be kept?