Monday, September 17, 2012

Vacation all I ever wanted....

Vacation, time to get away.

Vacation, meant to be spent alooonne.    

So that old Go Go's song doesn't apply to us I guess, cause our vacation was spent full of time with family and friends.  That is what made it so great though.

One of the first things we did was visit a cheese farm.  Not just any cheese farm, but the one that my family used to get cheese from growing up, before it was really an official cheese farm  Just a dutch couple from our church who made cheese on their dairy farm.  Not just any cheese though.  The BEST cheese.  It was such a treat when we had a wedge of cheese from the Appels.  Long story short, it is a special cheese farm.
their old farm sign

my "town" girls loved the farm and the cows
they even loved the fake cow

We brought home several wedges of fantastic cheese.  The favorites were the smoked Gouda, bacon cheddar, and the raw milk aged Gouda (most like the original cheese that Jack would have made.)  Mmmmmm I love cheese (as does everyone else in my family as it is looonng gone!)

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