Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fast Forward

Well I wrapped up our vacation and since we are putting serious thought and planning into our next vacation for this summer I think it is high time we fast forward to the current date.

So allow me to bring this blog up to speed, fast forward style...

My oldest nephew got married in July and Emery was the flower girl:

Before school started we went to the Omaha Zoo (LOVE this zoo!):

School started (5th, 3rd and TK):

She had a birthday and turned 11 (going on 21): 
Skyping with Grandma D - she had a slumber party with friends the next weekend
She had "Crazy Hair Day" at school:

In October my mom came to visit:
she taught Riley to sew

Halloween happened and we went to the community party put on by a local church:

Pirates in 2 sizes, a busy bee, and Snow White
Miss J lost her first tooth on November 15th:

Miss Shannon-bananon turned 9 (and she got more of her favorite things in the world: Lego Friends and Nintendo DS games):

She turned 4:
note we are Skyping with Grandma D again... Emery got her quilt this year :)

She also got a glitter tulle tutu from my sis... it bedazzled our entire house for weeks (thanks Ria)
 Christmas happened:

At the end of January, Chad and I went to the Dominican Republic on a SALT (Service and Learning Team) trip with a group from our church:  (I will back up and do a post on this trip -or maybe a couple posts, but to summarize: it was an AWESOME awesome trip):

Valentines Day happened:

Two girlies brought Minions (including a banana one for a couple friends that are on the GAPS diet)
she brought bubbles
We have had a loooonnngggg COLD winter without much snow but these two managed a snowman all on their own:

Riley has become quite the knitter, including starting a "Knitting Club" with her friends at school.  She also taught Jordyn to knit (adorableness):

In February my Mom came to visit (she has been coming whenever Chad has to go to Michigan for seminary... SO nice!):

And lastly, we said a tearful goodbye to our dog, Norman on March 12: 
It was heartbreaking to say goodbye, but it was time as he was in pain and no longer himself. RIP buddy, you were such a good dog! 
SO that's it.  For sure the longest post on this blog, (as it should be since it covered about 6 months) but we are all caught up! YAY!

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  1. Crazy hair day looks so fun. I cant wait to hear about the SALT trip as I'm considering which of my church's mission trips I want to participate in. I love serving others.


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