Thursday, February 24, 2011

hair ties

miss baby is not a girly-girl when it comes to her hair.  she is getting to that scruffy-growing over my eyes-"cousin it" look so i've started trying to put stuff in her hair.  she will not keep it in.  i've discovered a trick (not completely fool-proof however) is to use 2 hair paraphernalia items... usually 1 "pony" for the top and 1 clippie for the front.  she swoops in with a mischievous smile and out goes the clippie (and into her mouth, they must taste nice, i've never sampled though) and sort of forgets that mom was messing with more than just the front of her hair and leaves the pony in.  like i said, not fool-proof as she sometimes discovers a bit later the other remaining hair tie and that ends up in her mouth too.  turkey.

ooh, and just a tidbit of info... i updated my "playlist" down the sidebar there so there is some new music for your listening pleasure as you read.  and i added a new background that blogger already had, it's springy so we will go with it :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

plain jane

wellll, my "issue" with accessing my blog (as well as other random blogs i have tried to view while surfing the net) continued.  i thought maybe, just maybe, it was some type of security setting and that my beloved cherries and polka dot background was the issue.  so i deleted it. 

and guess what?

here i am.

plain.  jane.

BUT i can blog again and until i recruit someone (ahem, piet) to figure out how to fix this, i will remain plain jane.  okey dokey?  okay dokay (as my mom would say)

moving on.

now that i can't use my computer issues as an excuse for being a slacker i have to fess up.  i haven't really taken many pictures.  sometimes you just want to live life rather than worry about taking pics and being stuck behind the camera.  (at least that is what i am telling myself to excuse my lack of pictures since christmas)  i do have a few though. mostly of miss baby (cause we all know how it is with the youngest, right? all the attention, always spoiled, blah blah blah, BLAH.  whatev) 

i will consider this a little catch up post on miss baby since i don't blog on her every month anymore. however, she is anything but plain jane....

scuse me, i'm on the phone 

are you looking at me? cause i'm being cute

she loves this space under the kitchen island where the stools are, like her own little cave or something
(oh yeah, she also still loves her paci)

cutie patootie gettin' clean... she will only stand in the tub, so her baths are quick, not much time for playing cause she stands there and shivers once i scrub her up.

see? back to regular randomness

Saturday, February 12, 2011

little issue

i've been a slacker in blog posts lately... i will blame it on switching over to a newer faster computer. ;)

at this time i can't seem to open my blog on this aforementioned computer (currently on hubby's work laptop).  hopefully i can figure out the issue or recruit someone to figure it out for me and i will be back to regular random posts. ;)

carry on.