Saturday, July 30, 2011

summa time

some fave pics of the summer so far:

he refuses to be normal in pictures
playing coy, she stood like this forever knowing her aunt and uncle were looking at her

this girl LOVED every ride at the amusement park, especially the ones that would have made me barf

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i {heart} strawberries. a lot.

on the 4th of July we went strawberry picking. 

it was hot.

really really hot.

it was fun.

we picked way too many berries (i could not remember how many i picked last year and all i knew is i wished i had picked more at that time)  i made 11 jars of freezer jam, 4 large containers of smooshed and sugared berries for icecream topping and then painstakingly froze LOTS of berries whole on cookie sheets and transferred them to containers for smoothies (and then i forgot to close the freezer door and they thawed and then refroze into one large lump.  super.) and i still had a whole flat left that i sold to a friend.  (mental note: pick 2 large flats next year, not 3)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

family pic failure. again.

a quick attempt at taking family pictures again. 

the perfect family shot?

not-so-much.  (sorry Yvonne, thanks for trying!) :)

1) pretty close, the youngest 2 are less than thrilled about this picture taking business

2) another close one... the eldest is doing some kind of pose and the younger two are still not happy

3) still no. i give up.  (miss j's face cracks me up on this one, ha ha)