Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring 11 catch up post

it's been busy.  kind-of.  i've actually taken some pictures (but am feeling too lazy to do separate posts so i'm just going to jam them all into one post.)  the following are the things that have been keeping us busy these days:

we had our backyard put in. (the day before chad left for seminary for 2 weeks)
for over 1 1/2 years we've been staring at a big pit in the backyard where there used to be an above ground pool.  the sand under the pool was packed down so hard from having a pool on it for 20ish years it was like concrete.  chad built me two long skinny raised beds for gardening. we are using this method: square foot gardening 
watering our new lawn and speaking to it kindly to encourage it to grow as well as planting the garden has taken a bit of time this spring.

soon i will post some "after" pics as the lawn has listened to my kind words and is coming in quite nicely (well aside from a couple trails of footprints where i walked across it after watering it too long... hmm those will fill in eventually right?)

next up:  SOCCER

both of the older girls chose to play soccer this year (we are lame-o parents and make them choose one sport/activity to do)

much of the season was crazy cold and was spent spectating from the warmth of the inside of the van strategically parked without an obstructed view.

and SPRING PROGRAMS: only 1 of 2 programs were photographed cause really? they looked the same both times.  though in the first program (the one that's pictured) my K kid had a one line speaking part, she may be famous someday now ya know ;)

aaaaaaannndddd a super exciting thing: POTTY TRAINING
yep. miss j is pretty much there.  i warned her that once she was 3 there would be no more diapers except for sleeping.  in about a week she had it pretty much down.  big giant sigh of relief as we cut our diaper consumption down in almost half.  her only issue:  she has no "sit" in her, so when she needs to, ya know, "sit" for a bit it doesn't happen and she goes flying in and out of the bathroom about 10 times before the deed is done. thus i tried a little "computer" time to keep her sitting.  (makes you want to let your kids over to my house to play with our toys, huh?) ;)

and lastly: FAMILY

ummmm, where's the pictures you ask? 

huh.  maybe still on my camera?  nope.

no pics.  but my mama has spent the last couple of weeks with me and my girls while chad was gone.  what an amazing blessing to have her here.  she even made me coffee every day and did my dishes.  (yep, me = spoiled) now she is at my sister's house.  just a short drive away so i can still run and see her.  AND she will be back at our house again in mid/later june to celebrate her birthday. 

we also have some extended family visiting the area and they unexpectedly ended up staying longer due to health issues (boo on health issues).  so while it is wonderful to see them a little more, we pray they can heal quickly and return to the comfort of their own home.

alrighty, all caught up!

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