Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A new year has begun.

Fifteen days later.  This is pretty par for the course for me. I am often fifteen minutes late. (or at least a good five)  Promptness is not one of my strengths.

I don't plan to put that on the resolution list either. That is, to be more prompt.  Not that I don't think I should work on improving.

The real reason would be that I did not make a list this year.  (last years list failed rather miserably... at least to put those things up on the blog.  many things on the list did get done eventually, just not well documented)  So I learn from past mistakes and  rather than making a specific list that I cannot keep up with I will take life as it comes.  As it is given to me, for the blessing of each day and seek what God is asking me to do, teaching me and molding me to be.  He is making all things new. 

A little recap of December:

A birthday girl.  She turned 8.  She had her favorite, strawberries, on her birthday cupcakes and a sleepover with three besties.

It is hard to come up with words to express how you love each child isn't it?  They are all so unique from each other, but my love for them is the same... unconditional.  This girl is sensitive, cheers for the underdog, has a stubborn streak, detail oriented (she is my girl that when emptying the dishwasher puts the plastic kid cups in rainbow order, love that.)  She is full of joy and can go from sulky and mad to giggling and smiling in 2.3 seconds. (and the reverse as well, ha ha) 

Happy birthday dear one. Eight will be great.

Another birthday girl.  Miss baby turned 3.  Her birthday was pretty low key (this mommy has learned to take advantage of those younger years when they don't really care if they have a big party complete with theme decorations or if a special auntie comes over to shares cupcakes and later a Skype date with Grandma D to open gifts) 

This girl has a sweetness about her.  Even through her toddler toughness where she tests every single possible boundary every single possible day she can turn on that little sweet smile and melt my heart.  She loves to be read to.  She loves tv. (uh oh)  She loves to play with her sisters and be included on their "big girl stuff."   She is sneaky and stealth and is often found with a candy she has stolen or in her sisters' room.  She is almost done with naps (this mommy is not ready for that, sigh.)  She loves to dance.  She puts on these ratty black ballet flats (that stink horribly thanks to her constant wearing of them with bare feet) and prances around the house, performing the occasional jump into the air with arms raised high... I imagine she is feeling like the most beautiful ballerina floating through the air as she does this. 
Oh and the other big news with her.... just before Christmas we officially purchased our last pack of diapers. WOW.  It has been over 10 years since we have not purchased a pack of diapers.  (there was a small window between daughters 2 and 3 that we were only buying pull-ups for a few months) AND I suppose to be totally honest, we still have to buy pull-ups for night time.  Yes, Miss baby is potty trained.  YAY! We are happy dancing around here. 

December also includes Christmas of course.  It was wonderful.  I love having young kids at Christmas, their excitement and anticipation.  More importantly the opportunity to teach them about why we really celebrate, that the best gift is Jesus and his tremendous love for us. 

On Christmas Eve day we had relaxed and celebrated with just our little family.  We normally open gifts in the evening but since Chad had the whole day off we took advantage and opened gifts in the morning while everyone was still in their pj's. 

Christmas Day was spent with Chads side.  Lots of kids, lots of food, lots of fun.

That ends 2012.  I have been rather sparse in my updates on the blog, but as I stated in the beginning of this post, I don't have a resolution list so I make no promises of more frequent posts.  Then it will be a surprise if I do, right? 

Happy 2013!