Tuesday, November 22, 2011

did you know i {heart} vintage things?

i may have mentioned that a time or two.

but in case you forgot i will remind you.  i really really realllllyyyyy love vintage things.

it absolutely amazes me how things find their way back to being "cool" again. in the fashion world. in home decor. (do you think wallpaper borders will make a comeback?)  i am learning to never say that i don't like something because it always seems to come back around and bite me in the behind.  i proclaim i don't like the color purple and lo and behold a year later i have 5 purple shirts in my closet. 

anyhoo.  just wanted to show off a few things i have found thrifting lately:

a hobnail vase.
( fyi:  yvonne & renee this does NOT mean i have given up on mom's hobnail vase, mmm k? )
a darling pink pyrex casserole dish with daisy print (i'm thinking of watching for more vintage pyrex in various colors to stack up on some open shelves in my kitchen)

an Aladdin plaid thermos...
two in this pic:  the wire bird basket and an adorable afghan
this little guy is also nearing the vintage stage.... our oldest prays for him EVERY night to "stay healthy and strong" oh how i dread the day he leaves us and we have to break that girls heart.  as much as i tire of cleaning up the dog hair we do love him ;)
and related to all this i have put myself on a 30 day spending ban (again... i did this in mid-september to mid-october and apparently it did not teach me anything long term).  with the exception of buying Christmas gifts i will be refraining from making any non-necessity purchases.  this really should not be so hard, right? right.  i need to focus on USING the things i've picked up here and there.  following through on all those projects i have in mind. that's the plan, stan! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

I {heart} Little House on the Prairie

and so does this girl:

she just finished reading "Little House in the Big Woods" in her class and they had a special day to dress up like a character from the series.  after searching high and low for aannnyything that could possibly work we came across my old 8th grade graduation dress.  it was huge on her so we belted it up, threw on some boots and called it "good enough"  i told her she could be "Nelly" because she was wearing a fancy dress.  she wasn't too keen on that idea.  i believe she said she was laura or mary in their sunday best. 

oh how i loved these books and tv show while growing up.  my sister and i used to watch it every day after school. (i loved the part in the intro when carrie is running down the hill and falls over but then gets up right away, so cute. just a random tidbit about me i am sure you are super excited to now know)  i am so ecstatic that my girl is getting into these now too.... YAY! :)