Wednesday, July 18, 2012

let's pretend

shall we?  let's pretend it is still spring.

nope, just kidding.  i LOOOVVVEEE summer and am loving this summer with all it's heat (but still praying fervently for rain for the farmers). 

however in my little blog it is still spring, because i have not posted anything lately. at all. like ever.  

anyhoo, for this post i shall pretend it is still spring and give a little re-cap:

we said good-bye to "Rusty" and fully embraced being a one vehicle family again.  (Chad was soooooo thrilled that I came running out of the house with camera in hand before he left to take it to the salvage yard)

meet Marie Curie.  My eldest chose Marie to do a biography report on and one day had to dress up like her.  I had never heard of Marie Curie before, but now I know all about her.  (she's pretty cute, no?)

my adorable nephews stayed overnight so their brother could go on college visit with his parents.  we had lots of fun and enjoyed the amazing spring weather.

my school age girlies had the usual spring programs and  performances.

Grandma D came to visit.  and left again. and came back again.

miss j turned 4.

we celebrated a day early since Chad was leaving for school in Michigan the day of her birthday.

and we celebrated again when Grandma D returned.

Grandma D had flown back to Washington when we heard the news that my uncle was not doing well.  he passed away shortly after she returned.  i grew up with him and my aunt and their family as our only extended family nearby.  he will be greatly missed. 

 the girls played a lot of soccer. 

aaaanddd we celebrated the last day of school... woot woot!

so that is the very abbreviated version of spring.  there are lots more pictures i should have added.

like this one:

or this one:

oh and she learned to knit:
awe. some.