Sunday, May 23, 2010

5 months... a smidge late

so much to my mother's dismay, my 5 month entry for miss baby is a bit delayed.

apparently having 4 kids, a house to care for, a bathroom remodel project, friends, extended family, etc... can make life a bit busy.

so here she is in her 5 month glory... (pics are kinda bad cause it was really dark and cloudy that day)

big things this past month:

~ she is rolling over both ways now
~ umm still sleeping in our room, but that is going to change this week for sure (or maybe next week... )
~ LOVES her own feet.  they are her favorite toy. ever.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i {heart} baby legs

the real ones and those cute little leg warmers you can order here: official baby legs site
LOVE the idea of using them on my school girls arms at this time of year when it is chilly in the morning and then when it warms up she can take them off and forget them at school put them in her backpack.
however, having to be super frugal, the price does not excite me.

i thought to myself, "self, i bet that some super smartypants mommy out there has figured out a way to make them for way cheap."  i googled "making your own baby legs" and sure enough it turns out LOTS of smartypants mommies have figured out more than one way to make them.  i chose this way: ehow
note: i skipped step 1 - cause i had a pair that i never wore in my sock drawer, i also skipped step 6 - cause i am lazy and don't pin things when i sew if i don't absolutely have to.  (sorry mom, i know you taught me better than that!)
another note: the warning on that page cracks me up... reminds me of growing up and my mom would sew us clothes.  we would have to try them on with the pins in it to make sure it was going to fit okay.  ouch!

here are my before and after pics and "in use" pics :)



in use
still in use
see? she likes them ;)

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Monday, May 10, 2010

too TWO!

DD #3 is TWO

here we go.... terrific, terrible 2's.  

the girl is super hooked on Dora so we had lots-o-Dora at her party.

"look! it's Dora!"

she got a Dora microphone (*thanks* grandpa and grandma, it is just *super* without a volume switch and all the lovely songs it sings, over and over and over and over again)
a mermaid Dora that she can take in the bath
three Dora books
a talking Diego Rescue Pack (with all this GIRL stuff we need to mix it up a little, ya know?)
and of course birthday money :)

the cake.
a wally world bakery cake off the rack that i put "Dora Candyland" playing pieces on and a number candle.  (SO glad i hung onto those after getting rid of the broken game, YAY!)

and with her favorite person :)

so happy birthday dear girl.  it is such a blessing to be your mommy :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

thoughts of a sugar addict

so i've nearly completed my sugar free day.  it is currently almost 10pm and i have not had any refined sugar today. 

i wish i could say it was easy, or no big deal.

but it wasn't.

it was hard.

i felt deprived.  my mouth physically craved something sweet.

i was (and am) annoyed at the fact that i felt this way. to feel so mastered by something that it consumed my thoughts and made me cranky and short tempered with my kiddos is disturbing to me.

i didn't follow my "menu plan" as i intended.  i ate a banana in there, i tried a cup of coffee with just cream (blech) but at least it staved off any caffeine headaches, i discovered that my frozen sprouted bread has no sugar at all (YAY!) so i had the sad little end pieces that have been there for months, i had buttered whole wheat noodles and peas with my grilled salmon, and instead of carrots with ranch (even my "healthy homemade recipe" for this has sugar in it. gah) i had tortilla chips with pico de gallo and sour cream.

the saddest thing after eating ALL that nourishing and good for me food, mentally i was not satisfied. lame, i say. very lame.

i'm not sure what my next step is. i wish i could say that i will continue this tomorrow.  but i don't really want to.  at least not tomorrow. i want to have birthday cake with miss j tomorrow.

well, good night and SWEET dreams ;)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tomorrow, tomorrow, it's only a day away..........

alrighty.  i have decided.

tomorrow is the day i'm going sugar free.   (and if it's horrible the next day is miss j's b-day and i can make up for the lack of sugar with cake. bwa ha ha)

my plan:  no sugar at all, including natural sweeteners for this ONE day.  I will eat foods with natural occurring sugars such as fruit and dairy, cause i think these are part of a healthy diet.

my tentative menu: 

breakfast - scrambled eggs with spinach mixed in, milk
snack - celery with natural no sugar added peanut butter
lunch - a green salad with walnuts, shredded cheese, olive oil/sea salt (as dressing)
snack - plain yogurt with blueberries
dinner - grilled salmon & veggies, sliced tomatoes with olive oil & sea salt, milk
if needed snack - carrots with homemade ranch dressing.

hardest thing... no coffee :( 

say a little prayer for me. (or rather my kiddos and hubby as they have to live with me)