Monday, August 29, 2011

elastic love

i finally found what i was looking for.

elastic thread.  (what? did you think it was going to be something more monumental than that?) 

i can not tell you how many times i have checked at wally world for this stuff the past few months. (and it's A LOT cause it seems i am there about 5 times a week, no lie.)  scanning the sewing area, meticulously checking the thread display, cause silly me thought that elastic thread would be with the THREAD.  silly me, neglected to think about the first word of said product. eeelaaasss-tic.  yep.  it was by the elastic. go figure.

anyhoo.  i have been itching to try my hand at sewing a few projects with this stuff so last weekend (two weekends ago? i dunno anymore) i dusted off my sewing machine and started in with my fabulous new find.

i made all this:

first off the easy peasy t-shirt refashion following this awesome tutorial

i took 2 of hubby's old t-shirts and sewed them in and then cut off the neck and sleeves.  wa-la. an 80's inspired "flashdance" t shirt (as my sis told me it looked like, ha ha) super easy, the only issue was that since they were cheapy t shirts was the graphics weren't really centered on the front so they ended up even more crooked when the t shirt was sewed in.  no biggie though, i just twist it a little once i put it on and it's all good.

next up was this skirt:

cue fabulous elastic thread
nice and wrinkly huh?

i picked up a 3X t shirt that was on clearance at wally world for only $3, hacked it off under the sleeves and ruched the top with my snazzy new elastic thread.

i followed this tutorial.  well, in the long run i did. first, i tried to add a tier to the top of it before i did the shirring because i thought it would be too short and i ended up sewing it together wrong but i shirred the top anyway and did too many rows and then it didn't fit, so i took it all back apart and just followed the tutorial like i should have in the first place.  lesson learned.  no close up pics cause it is far from perfect! 

and lastly i made these two "ruffly" scarves:

the one pictured above is sewn from a remnant piece of fabric i picked up at wally world for just over $1 (see, i told you i was there a lot!).  it was shorter than i wanted so i cut it in half and sewed the ends together and after that i sewed two rows with my handy dandy elastic thread to create a ruffly effect.  the edges are unfinished and look kind of raw but the fabric was really hard to work with, so i am just gonna "go with it"  rather than try to put a seam on it.

for this one, i took an old pair of flannel pants and just winged it. i cut the legs off, and sewed them together and then "ruffled" them.  the length is kind of weird so i may sew the ends together and make it an infinity scarf instead.  this one i am not so confident about.  does it look like i just wrapped a ratty old pair of flannel pants around my head?

so that was my weekend of sewing (along with mending a couple things for my girlies).  pretty productive, no? 

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  1. Yay for refashioned t-shirts! Thanks for the link and glad my tutorial was helpful! They turned out great. I'm wearing one of mine today. :)


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