Thursday, July 22, 2010


she lost her first tooth... (actually she has lost two, i am a little delayed in finally getting this post written)

that night when she went to bed she was quite excited for the tooth fairy to give her some dough.  i had to go up to her room at one point to request she settle down to sleep. 
her response:  "mom, the tooth fairy STILL hasn't come!" 
me:  "well you need to actually go to sleep for her to come" 
her:  "i lay my head down like this (she demonstrates a most restful pose) and close my eyes, then i check under my pillow but she still isn't coming!" 
me:  "again, you have to fall asleep for real"
her: "ugh, i am just so excited"

when she lost her second tooth she heard (from a friend who has a more generous tooth fairy) that if she left the tooth in a glass in the kitchen she might get more money for it, so that is what she did.  she did get a slight increase for that tooth.  the ease of getting the tooth undetected was worth the extra coin ;)

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  1. Maybe she should take the tooth to washington and we put it in a glass to collect some more for her.


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