Saturday, December 18, 2010

six is super-duper

dd #2 turned 6 this month

a tradition started several years ago with hubby's side of the family is to go to a hotel with a waterpark on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  since this always falls near dd's b-day we celebrate at the hotel with that side of the fam.  this year we went to Bridges Bay near Okoboji.  that place was AWESOME! and much quieter than the hotels in Sioux Falls that we usually go to.  so very much fun. 

and the pictures:

swimmin' in the lazy river

opening her gifts (miss baby eating the wrapping paper)
she was last in line to open as there are 4 december birthdays to celebrate

grandpa's favorite team... he is trying to coax all grandbabies to cheer for them as well

silly faces... this one cracks me up (check it out, even miss baby is doing the silly face thing, lol)

celebrating on her actual birthday

opening the gift from Grandma D... i love her face on this as she realizes what it is

her BEAUTIFUL quilt! Grandma D is amazing and once again pulls of a gorgeous quilt as a lifetime keepsake

she has always been so expressive... she can not hide her emotions which is great when she is truly excited for something :)  here is a long awaited Princess Jasmine "polly"

a few days after her b-day she got to have an all day play date with a friend :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet sweet girl.  You continue to bring such joy to our lives.  I love how you "notice" everything.  You take it all in and remember the tiniest details.  You truly care about others and have such a big heart an infectious laugh and smile to light up the room.  We pray blessings over you in this next year!

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