Thursday, February 24, 2011

hair ties

miss baby is not a girly-girl when it comes to her hair.  she is getting to that scruffy-growing over my eyes-"cousin it" look so i've started trying to put stuff in her hair.  she will not keep it in.  i've discovered a trick (not completely fool-proof however) is to use 2 hair paraphernalia items... usually 1 "pony" for the top and 1 clippie for the front.  she swoops in with a mischievous smile and out goes the clippie (and into her mouth, they must taste nice, i've never sampled though) and sort of forgets that mom was messing with more than just the front of her hair and leaves the pony in.  like i said, not fool-proof as she sometimes discovers a bit later the other remaining hair tie and that ends up in her mouth too.  turkey.

ooh, and just a tidbit of info... i updated my "playlist" down the sidebar there so there is some new music for your listening pleasure as you read.  and i added a new background that blogger already had, it's springy so we will go with it :)

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