Wednesday, June 8, 2011

graduations galore

a couple weeks ago was "grad week" here in the midwest.  i ate waaaaay to much cake at the dozen + parties we attended.   due to hubs being a youth pastor we had lots and lots o parties to attend and HAD to eat yummy food and have two nights out without kids.  tough week i tell ya, tough week. ;)

i made the cards for each graduating senior, intending to find one design and mass produce it.  however, i discovered two things while making these grad cards.  1) I do not like to mass produce cards and ended up making several different ones, sometimes repeating designs i really liked and 2) I must take the time to stamp cards more often as i really REALLY enjoy it and waste entirely too much time just looking at ideas online rather than actually putting those ideas into action.

a few of the girly cards (way easier than masculine cards!):

and for the guys:

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