Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i {heart} strawberries. a lot.

on the 4th of July we went strawberry picking. 

it was hot.

really really hot.

it was fun.

we picked way too many berries (i could not remember how many i picked last year and all i knew is i wished i had picked more at that time)  i made 11 jars of freezer jam, 4 large containers of smooshed and sugared berries for icecream topping and then painstakingly froze LOTS of berries whole on cookie sheets and transferred them to containers for smoothies (and then i forgot to close the freezer door and they thawed and then refroze into one large lump.  super.) and i still had a whole flat left that i sold to a friend.  (mental note: pick 2 large flats next year, not 3)

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