Monday, December 5, 2011

a couple quick projects

just sharing a couple projects as of lately (and i use that term quite loosely).  i seem to be in a bit of a slump. not wanting to do any type of project, not wanting to decorate for Christmas, just not really wanting to do anything apparently. 

anyhoo, a set of cards i made (inspired by this on pinterest

i cut random "birdish" type shapes out of a piece of knit fabric and then traced around it, added legs, beak and eye.  these came together quick and i think they turned out pretty cute :)

and the only scrapbook page i have created in months....

it is nothing super exciting. and looking at it now i wish i would have added more paper behind the pictures or something.  it all looks rather blah.  BUT it was done in like 15 minutes AND it's done (unless of course i rip the pictures off and add more paper). 

that is all.  i will now continue on in my scroogy-ness, not wanting to do anything ways, but i can scratch off "update blog" off my to do list for today. ;)

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  1. Remember.....less is more.
    Love from Mom


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