Friday, December 7, 2012


It seems like this time of year I am keenly aware of how much STUFF we have.  The prospect of adding to that pile of stuff makes me somewhat ill and so I clean through the house to get rid of some STUFF (just to make room for more?)

This is the solution Miss Baby has come up with:

To keep her stuff close to her (in case her mother comes by and decides to clean out her toy box I suppose) she stuffed her stuff in her pjs.

However, having all that stuff around can make one a bit uncomfortable. It can feel a bit stifling and makes it hard to move around. 
AND you want to be able to find your phone in case you need to make a call.


  1. I love this!!!!!! Gr.Dee thinks you are a very clever girl Emery.

  2. Brilliant. I need to get me a onesie pajama.


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