Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to school = Back to blogging

Oh hey there blog!  Sorry I have neglected you.  The sun came out and Spring and Summer happened and I fully enjoyed them leaving you in the dust.  So I will update you today, now that the kiddos are back in school (all except the baby!)

Lets begin with Miss J's b-day in the first week of May. 

OH. MY. 

The anticipation of this day nearly made this mama crazy.  Miss J had been planning her special day since the middle of February (right after my birthday).  I am not exaggerating in the least little bit when I say that she talked DAILY about her birthday from February 15 on.  She had a million plans and ideas.  Countless friends and family (near and far) were going to be invited to her "party."  She had numerous "theme" ideas and wanted all sorts of things for decoration.  She also began saving her own art for decoration. (read: big stack of paper and crafts piled up)  It all started out really cute, however by mid April I was as excited for her big day as she was just so that we could be done planning it.  Her expectations for the day were sky high and it left me so stressed out that I was going to permanently scar her with disappointment when they were not even remotely met. 

So the big day came:

I decorated the night before when she went to bed, however she wanted to add MORE of course.

She's excited! (Note the grand breakfast of bread and butter.  Yep.  I win the "Best Mom Award" on that one.  Not.)
Her decorations.  I strung up all her piled up artwork with some balloons.
After Preschool she had a friend over (and little sisters too) 
Later we had family over for dinner and presents.  She picked Dutch meatball soup for her birthday dinner.
Phew... that day is done and she seemed to enjoy it. I did!

My pesky sister made sure to point out to her that night that her "Golden Birthday" will be next year.  She has mentioned that several times already pointing out that it will have to be "extra" special. Heeeeere we go again.

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