Thursday, November 7, 2013

Summer Stuff

Blogging about summer after our first snowfall warms me up a bit! 

Here's a few things from the summer starting with the "beginning" which would be the last day of school!

Yep.  They are excited!

The first bit of summer was kinda cold and rainy but by mid-June we had our pool pass and were using it as much as possible.  Sadly I took zero pictures at the pool this summer.  I thoroughly enjoy these precious years where the kids enjoy the local pool.

I also hauled the slip-n-slide out to teach the younger half of the family the joy of sliding down a strip of wet plastic.

Miss J loved it.  Miss Baby was more content to sit in a towel by mom in the shade.


We also discovered that a stray cat had kittens and were living in the neighbors backyard storage shed.  We enjoyed watching them play and grow bigger and braver each week.

AND at the end of June: A road trip to Phoenix, AZ.

So that will be next up on the blog.  The Arizona Road Trip Travel Log.  I know you are all so excited!  Ha Ha. 

Until next time....

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  1. Always looking forward to your blogs. Keep them coming. Love from the matriarch.


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