Thursday, March 4, 2010

lessons learned this week

it's been a long week. (and it's not even over)

the following are what i would like to take mental note of for future reference:

1) always put the diaper on straight.

you would think that after having 4 kids i would have learned this. apparently not. dd #3 + crooked diaper + poo = big gross mess. (i will spare you the details)

in my defense, it is often like trying to diaper an angry octopus with her limbs and body flailing about as she tries to escape so she can run wildly nekked through the house. just getting the diaper on is already an accomplishment.

2) have zero expectations when there is illness in the house. try to survive, don't worry about the thrive.

4 out of 6 of us have had a stomach flu bug this week (the two youngest have been spared -so far) dd #2 developed a "cough-cold" as she calls it and is coughing INCESSANTLY (drives me bonkers, but i know she can't help it) and dd#4 has been renamed the snuffleupogas a.k.a. snuffy a.k.a. her nose runneth over.

i had great goals for this week. i have a weekly routine of household tasks i take care of each day and have been a great big slacker in that since dd #4 came to the scene. my goal this week: actually take care of each task, each day. shouldn't be too hard. this week = impossible.

along with that i had several "home improvement" projects i wanted to do as well as start scrapbooking again and oh, yeah make a few cards. (still have a couple baby thank yous to get out)

NONE of those things have been accomplished. i have a lamp re-do half done, have not so much as glanced at my craft area, the "touch-up" painting is still needing to be touched up and as far a cleaning my house? lets just say i wouldn't let you near my house to see. my personal health goal of exercising 5 times each week... umm, yeah. the goal of preparing healthy meals and snacks for my family? we've had take out pizza two nights in a row and tonight will be.... (insert drum roll) leftover pizza.

3) find humor in the chaos.

phone ringing + dd#1 puking + dog whining at my feet to go out + dd#4 spitting up onto dog's back + dog shaking off spit up effectively spraying it everywhere + watching for extremely nice church member who is dropping off dinner for us (pizza!) and seeing him drive slowly by the house and then continue driving away = sit down and laugh and remember that someday i will look back at these moments and long for them,

and these moments too.

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