Saturday, March 20, 2010

welcome Spring :)

all week we've been anticipating the first day of spring...

here they ALL are, excitedly waiting

(okay, not really, but i wanted to throw a picture in)

anyhoo, this morning i was being lazy, taking full advantage of it being saturday and was dozing in bed with miss baby. (since i am playing single mommy this weekend, i haven't been getting much sleep, so i think it is justified, right?)

i had heard my oldest two come stomping downstairs and was anticipating their invasion into my room demanding breakfast shortly.

however, i am suddenly startled into reality by a strange noise.
hmmm... there it is again.
what is that?
then it hits me. someone is knocking on my bedroom window from the front porch. SUPER! someone is here and i am still in BED and not at all presentable for visitors.

i cautiously peek through the shades to see who my intruder, ahem, visitor is. there is DD#2 grinning wildly at me. WHAT?

herding my two oldest children back into the house i exclaim "it's FREEZING out!" (in their defense they did have snow boots and winter coats on, but no gloves or hats or snowpants) they explain they were warm because they had put clothes on over top of their pj's. (nice)

after explaining the dangers of going outside without telling me first, i quiz them on what possessed them to go out in the first place.

"it's the first day of SPRING mom! we wanted to welcome spring."

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