Monday, May 10, 2010

too TWO!

DD #3 is TWO

here we go.... terrific, terrible 2's.  

the girl is super hooked on Dora so we had lots-o-Dora at her party.

"look! it's Dora!"

she got a Dora microphone (*thanks* grandpa and grandma, it is just *super* without a volume switch and all the lovely songs it sings, over and over and over and over again)
a mermaid Dora that she can take in the bath
three Dora books
a talking Diego Rescue Pack (with all this GIRL stuff we need to mix it up a little, ya know?)
and of course birthday money :)

the cake.
a wally world bakery cake off the rack that i put "Dora Candyland" playing pieces on and a number candle.  (SO glad i hung onto those after getting rid of the broken game, YAY!)

and with her favorite person :)

so happy birthday dear girl.  it is such a blessing to be your mommy :)

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