Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tomorrow, tomorrow, it's only a day away..........

alrighty.  i have decided.

tomorrow is the day i'm going sugar free.   (and if it's horrible the next day is miss j's b-day and i can make up for the lack of sugar with cake. bwa ha ha)

my plan:  no sugar at all, including natural sweeteners for this ONE day.  I will eat foods with natural occurring sugars such as fruit and dairy, cause i think these are part of a healthy diet.

my tentative menu: 

breakfast - scrambled eggs with spinach mixed in, milk
snack - celery with natural no sugar added peanut butter
lunch - a green salad with walnuts, shredded cheese, olive oil/sea salt (as dressing)
snack - plain yogurt with blueberries
dinner - grilled salmon & veggies, sliced tomatoes with olive oil & sea salt, milk
if needed snack - carrots with homemade ranch dressing.

hardest thing... no coffee :( 

say a little prayer for me. (or rather my kiddos and hubby as they have to live with me)

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