Sunday, June 6, 2010

i do not {heart} freaky infections

my first born is a really healthy girl.

aside from a puking incident during music class this winter, she has been really healthy all year. 
but this last week, for the third time in her life, i thought i was going to lose her. first time was when i was 15 weeks pregnant with her and i had a small tear in her placenta. (small tear = lots of freaky bleeding)  second time was when she was 4.  she was hospitalized because she had a "fever of unknown origin" that just wouldn't go away.  this last time she developed a freaky, icky, nasty infection on her leg....

hmmm, a leg infection = death?  sounds like i over-reacted a smidge? 

well, let me defend myself....  when i took her in to the doctor because the bump on her leg that we thought was a harmless calcium deposit suddenly developed a fire red, 4 inch diameter circle around it and the doctor mentions MRSA and i go home and look that up on the internet and see all these scary things about MRSA and then rather than getting better on the antibiotic it gets worse, yes, i thought we might lose her.

over-reaction?  probably. but NO one was assuring me she would be okay.  until finally i told my mom-in-law of my freaked out state and she promised me my first born would live through this.  (and told me to stay off the internet when trying to diagnose medical issues)

this is before it got "bad"
she is unphased :)

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