Saturday, June 26, 2010


not noses (this time).

or toes.  (favorite pastime of my eldest)

but strawberries.

yummy, juicy, red all the way through, strawberries.

3 adults, 9 kids. chaos.  fun. YUM.

we had to drive a 1/2 hour to get there, but SOOOO worth it.

DD #2 was in HEAVEN.  (cause strawberries are her self-proclaimed favorite food of all time)

this one really didn't care about the strawberry haven she was in...

this one thoroughly enjoyed sampling them, smooshing them between her toes, and picking green ones...

this one was the most helpful picker and helped me fill 1 1/2 flats full :)

reminded me of fond memories and also formed great new memories.  i would say that's a pretty good day!
(plus i now have 6 jars of delicious freezer jam, a bag of frozen whole strawberries, and 2 big containers of sliced/sugared ones for ice cream... YAY! i'm sooo happy.  i like to just sit and look at my pretty jars of strawberry yumminess.)


  1. Onita - that does bring back memories. The best strawberries are the ones we picked!! Your girls are growing up so fast. I can taste the jam on toast or fresh berries cut up on a holland rusk! YUM!!!

  2. Onita, I am really proud of you. Great job.


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