Sunday, January 29, 2012

dr. snowman

we finally experienced some true midwestern winter.  our landscape has changed to a snowy playground and thankfully the temps have stayed fairly warm-ish so the snow can be enjoyed.  i love that the kids can get fresh air on a daily basis rather than be stuck inside to avoid losing fingers or noses due to frostbite. 

the milder temps has provided snow that actually packs together and so dr. snowman has come to life:

the eldest named him. stating he looked like a doctor.  (side note:  we have never been to a doctor that sports a mustache and smokes a pipe)

miss j has been asking each day to make some "snow friends" for the good doctor.  we may need some fresh snow to accomplish this though. 

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  1. What gifted sculptors they are! Hm, a hat, a pipe, a mustache? Dr. Snowman looks a little like Pake Hovius.


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