Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what i missed

so December was a pretty happenin month in our household.... and i missed blogging about most of it ;) 
so a little re-cap is in order:

first up is this girls b-day.  she's SEVEN.  she is fabulous. she is truly a sweetheart.  she is sensitive and caring to the underdog (however her 3 year old sister is NEVER the underdog. ever.)  she loves candy and sweets and dislikes green veggies.  she loves legos. i made her a giant chocolate chip cookie on her birthday.

then we have miss baby's b-day.  she is two. a baby no more (big sniff)  she is a darling.  sweet and adorable.  she talks like she is a grown up in a two year old way (can't explain that very well!)  she is hooked on junk food and refuses most healthy foods.  she is quiet and sneaky and gets into my sugar pot on a weekly basis.  she loves to watch the "12 Dancing Princesses" Barbie movie and dances around with her sister's black ballet flats on.

and then a plethora of wonderful Christmas parties with too many pictures to even begin picking and choosing a few to post.  so i go with none. 


  1. Seven? Two?!? How could you let this happen?

    But oooohhh they are sho huggaple and kishable and shqeezhible!

  2. i {heart} Miss Baby's hat. Who'da thunk it would stand the test of time!


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