Monday, March 19, 2012

I {heart} anniversary vacations!

this year chad and i will celebrate 15 years of marriage.  through ups and downs we have grown closer together and in our faith.  i could write a long blog post about just this but for now i choose to hold these things to my heart. 

we decided that this year we would celebrate in a big way, something we haven't done before and really didn't do for our honeymoon either (although that was an awesome trip to the Oregon Coast and i wouldn't change that for anything, such fun memories!). 

we went to this fabulous resort!  with some of our fabulous friends who were also celebrating 15 years of marriage.  i would HIGHLY recommend this place if you are looking for an all-inclusive place in Mexico.  we felt truly pampered from the minute we arrived until the minute we left.  i think the hardest part about coming home is not having someone to bring me everything i want to eat or drink all the time, ha ha. 

rather than boring you with ALL the details of the week i will just add a few pictures... if you want to know more than you will just have to call me or come on over and i can show you all the pictures :)

at the airport!
our first flight was cancelled (boo.)  so we spent 7 hours waiting to fly out and this is pretty much how most of that time was spent. 
our feet again... total relaxation, ahhh.

lovin' the ocean. the water was crystal clear and we had sun every single day we were there

there were lizards.  some rather large.  this guy lived in the rocks behind the beach beds we claimed each day
we got dressed up for dinner each night.  the restaurants were ahh-mazing

sad this picture didn't turn out better.... all dressed up with our beautiful friends

heading home. 

and now it is back to reality.  having to actually make food if we want to eat, washing my own dishes, etc.. BUT it is good to be home, refreshed and back with our girlies.  praising God for allowing us to take this trip! 


  1. 15 years already! WOW! You guys are looking smokin' hot! Looks like a ton of fun!

  2. Wow. There was a lot of footsie-playing, wasn't there? And you lot so hot, Bikini Queen! (yah, yah, Chad looks good too.) Looks like fun and lots of vitamin d. Glad you could have the time together (lizard and all!).

  3. Jealous!! But happy for you guys! (And you do look AMAZING!)


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