Monday, March 5, 2012

next years "list"

whoa. i have been really lacking in the blogging realm lately.  i know what will be on next years list of goals: to blog.  more than once a month.   

a little snippet of life in February:
- my birfday.  i'm 29.  forever.
- valentines day.  at home date night.  we watched a movie on Netflix after the kiddos went to bed. exciting, no?
- i went with chad on a "winter retreat" with our youth group and other local church youth groups.  it was amazingly fun and exhausting.  i forgot how fun it is to ski. i realized that i had not been skiing in just over 10 years.  the last time i went skiing was the weekend i found out i was pregnant with my oldest. (on a winter retreat for our church in WA)  it also made me miss the awesome ski slopes in Washington and BC.   (this was a little hill and a much different experience!)
- really busy month of just stuff. life. hubby in seminary is making life busier for both of us and we are really really REALLY looking forward to a break coming up this next week. 
- did i complete my February goals? nope.  1 for 2.  I read the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan.  It was awesome, convicting, and I am still wrestling with how to make some changes in my life and what it means for me to "run hard after God" on a daily basis.
I didn't clean up my paper mess and files.  I did a bit of researching on what I need to keep for paper and have a list and a plan.   Carrying out the plan seems a bit overwhelming and will probably take several "nap times" to complete.  So the piles will continue to pile up and get shoved aside.  I'm okay with that and will get to it eventually :)
- I completed Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  woot! Lost a few pounds and a few inches again with that.  yay me! 

i have no new pictures to share so i will add some from January:

aren't they cute?  :)  i think so.

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  1. I think so too they are cute. I love your dressup clothes. Good I saved some clothes of yours It looks like Miss J is ready to go to Gr.D's house.


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