Thursday, August 27, 2009

kitchen before and afters

so here are a few before and afters of the kitchen. the least amount of work went into this room for now, therefore it can actually be pictured :) other rooms will come eventually. basically the only things we did to this room is paint the pukey color (okay it wasn't bad, it just wasn't in my style) we painted all the way around the upper cabinets whereas they had left it the same color as the window trim and beadboard backsplash in that area and there was an abrupt kind of awkward place where the pukey color stopped. we painted the walls Tupelo Tree from Sherwin Williams. We also put in our own island (a sweet IKEA deal!) since they took their's with. i like ours better as it is shaped better for the space and the open shelving on the bottom makes the whole room feel more open (even though i haven't figured out a use for the shelves yet as little hands will be constantly taking everything off those shelves.) Any ideas? lastly i made a little curtain for the computer area to hide the computery looking stuff. i still would like to get some sleek storage for the top shelf so that looks uniform as well (maybe my next trip to ikea!)

sorry about the picture quality... there is very little natural light in this room and i haven't been able to figure out how to get the best pictures of it. the before pictures are taken from the day we moved in (before anything came in!) the previous owners had a TON of stuff on the counters and above the cabinets. I am not sure I like how it is decorated right now, but that will have to be a work in progress. the cd player and cd's kinda clutter up the counter... any suggestions for that too?


  1. k didn't know u had a blog but now i do!!! FABULOUS kitchen btw! i can't believe how much your color change made the whole thing pop... especially the cupboards! Looks really nice! So where are you now? Still in SC?

    u think your cd player and cd's clutter??? u should come see my counters!!! If i have notice of peeps coming i stack and stuff! Mostly papers but they are important and if i put them away i'll forget and the bills will NOT get paid!

    your girls are adorable and what precious pix on the first day of school! Nice work!

    I'll be back!

  2. Your kitchen looks great! Fun new paint color and I love the new island.
    pk @ Room Remix


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