Thursday, September 3, 2009

15 Years

It has been 15 years since Dad left for Heaven. Nearly half my life has been spent without him yet he remains one of my biggest influences. I feel so sad when I think of all I haven't been able to share with him. He never met my husband, wasn't there to walk me down the aisle. He has not been able to hold and snuggle with my 3, soon to be 4, baby girls. He can't give me advice on big life decisions, visit me and see my new house (or any of the homes I've lived in). I can go on and on. However, what does that accomplish but self-pity, regret, and sadness? Dad has spent the last 15 years with Jesus! How glorious and wonderful this time for him must be. I can only imagine. He left behind him a legacy of faith. His impact in my faith life is larger than anyone else's. There are so many characteristics about Dad that challenge me to live for Jesus. I am comforted in that we did not say goodbye 15 years ago but "see you later." And as my little ones run around my feet as I write this I know that a part of you lives on in me and in them. Thank you Dad for the years we did have on this earth and making the most of them. We are blessed and continue to be blessed, praise Jesus.

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  1. Awwww, Im so happy I just checked your Blog. I needed a good cry!!!!! :) Your Dad was such a kind & wonderful man, I am so lucky that Yvonne became a part of our lives... so I could have the honor of knowing him. I hope you know that he's smiling in heaven at you and your ADORABLE little family!!!!! He has got to be so proud of you :}


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