Tuesday, September 8, 2009

every day is dress up day

My middle child is a rather complicated creature. She is a "feel the wind in my hair going 90 miles an hour" kind of girl, not a lot of fears, loves bugs, being outside barefoot, and yet she is a girly girl through and through. She LOVES to dress up and will wear dress up clothes all day long, every day (I have to remember that when I am shopping for her, the girl just doesn't need very many clothes cause she is always wearing dress up stuff). Her laundry pile is always the smallest and usually the same few of her favorite outfits (ie: skirts and play dresses) are in it. In fact the only time she will wear something different is when we are going out somewhere and I make her.
Well after we moved and I started unpacking things I discovered a bag of little dresses my mom had kept for me that I wore when I was young for various occasions. I snapped this picture of her wearing a dress that I wore at age 3ish during my first trip to Holland to celebrate my grandparent's anniversary. My older sister had a matching one as well. We were *super* cute, I think :)

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