Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of Preschool!


she can't be this old already.

but she is, whether I am able to admit it or not. and she is more than ready. she took it in stride today, like it was no big deal. didn't seem nervous, just excited to be doing something other than staying home with me (sniff sniff). i am glad though that she is not clinging to my leg and screaming, not wanting to go to school. she is eager to learn and that is a blessing.

AND it leaves me with an afternoon of quiet (insert happy dance).... 2 in school and 1 napping peacefully. ahhhh, breathe in the silence.

well that is how it is supposed to be. i was quite excited to enjoy my first afternoon of peace. however, after miss preschool was dropped off, i took a few moments to stop at some garage sales since they were "right there." (I really am on a mission to find the most fabulous find for dirt cheap to furnish and decorate my house with) on the way home, my youngest fell asleep in her carseat for a MAXIMUM of 2 minutes. so when i deposited her in her crib at home she decided that 2 minutes of nap is the same as 2 hours and is now hollering for me to get her out. i don't think so little one. mommy is going to win this battle and a 2 minute nap isn't cuttin' it. not today.

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