Monday, April 12, 2010

4 months

miss baby has hit the 4 month mark... and she's darn cute if i do say so myself.

the big new thing this past month (insert drumroll here):

~ she's rolling over from her tummy to her back

~ she has uber strong legs and likes to be held so she can stand on your lap

~ at EXACTLY 4 months she tried out the exersaucer (cause the box said for 4 months and older and even though she was probably big enough earlier i felt the need to follow the recommendation on the box) and she loves it.... well until her sisters come and freak her out.

~ she is a bit sensitive to yelling or just when things get chaotic and REALLY loud at home and she is tired. normally she can handle quite a bit of noise since, well, we have 4 kids and a dog, life at our house can be kinda loud.

~ she is sleeping all night... the exception is that she seems to wake up earlyish (like 6am... i realize this is not early in some people's standards, but in my world anything happening before 7:30 or 8 is early) however, if i take her into our bed and give her a pacifier she sleeps for like 2 more hours. aaahhhhh.

~ had her 4 month appointment and she weighed in at 16lb 1oz and is 26" tall (95% for both).

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