Tuesday, April 13, 2010


a conversation from today:

scene = my house, dd #2 at the computer in kitchen, me nursing miss baby in living room (dd#3 running around jabbering about dora, but that is neither here nor there)

i hear a truck pulling in the driveway

me: hey dd#2 can you look out the window and see if there is someone here?

dd#2: yes mom (pause) that guy helping to fix our bathroom is here

me: thanks. can you let him in the door when he comes to it?

dd#2: sure, what is his name again?

me: it's mr. mulder

dd#2: whadya say?

me (a little louder): his name is bruce mulder but you call him mr. mulder.

dd#2: oh, okay i think i'll call him steve.



  1. that picture captures her perfectly! :)

  2. Shannon is too cute! Thanks for sharing the story, made me laugh!


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