Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i do not {heart} sugar

or more accurately, i do {heart} sugar. way. too. much.

in my quest for healthier eating for myself and family i am becoming very aware of the fact that i, and most likely several of my children, are addicted to sugar.  that white refined stuff is in EVERYTHING and in many forms.  i have already been working on knocking high fructose corn syrup out of our house (pretty much there, except for random things that are still in my cupboards and now that i know they have HFCS in them i don't want to use them but the dutch girl in me just can't throw them away cause that is wasting! reality is anything unopened will be put in a box for the next food drive i encounter)

anyhoo, my thoughts have led me to thinking that the only way to break an addiction (for me) is to go cold turkey.  no sugar (or forms of it).  at all. none.  (eek!)

this raises many issues and questions.  how long?  to what degree do i remove sugar from my diet?  just the refined stuff?  honey? pure maple syrup? what about my coffee?!?!  (i can NOT drink it black) the thought of no sugar and no coffee (ie: no caffeine) at the same time. i might not be the nicest mommy or wife would be downright mean and crabby.

i have been inspired by this particular blogger:

she removed refined sugar from her diet as a new years resolution (for 2008 and is now in her 3rd year of going without sugar, wow!) however she still eats several natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup,  fruit concentrate, etc...  i'm just not sure i can truly break my addiction if i allow myself those things or food sweetened with those things (some of the recipes on her blog look soooooo YUMMY)

my plan as of this moment (subject to change at any time) is to pick one day (soon, like maybe this weekend, or maybe next week, next month? no. for sure by next week) to go without any sugar at all. any form of it. natural or refined.  (ugh, but what about fruit? dairy? so many decisions) then after that day i will decide what my next step will be.  i do plan to blog about that day (cause i know you all care! lol) before and after.

stay tuned...

oh and just for grandma.... here is a picture of one of my sugar addicted girls:

and a most likely sugar addicted girl:


  1. You go girl!!!!!...but grandma has to bring candy when she comes. Right girls?

  2. I, for one, cannot wait to hear about your sugar free day! I will be living vicariously through you though since I have NO DESIRE to give up sugar or caffeine. ;)

  3. Check out the book The Sonoma Diet from your library and try the plan in there. It is 10 days super strict and relents somewhat from there--it would give you a guide and it is not indefinite! :) I am not giving up sugar any time soon.:P


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