Monday, September 20, 2010

i {heart} vacation

back to a vacation post... 

well the "grand adventure" really is over.  now it's lots of fun visiting with family and friends.   many of these events i did not get pictures of because i was too lazy  so busy having fun reconnecting with awesome people doing awesome things. ;)

we did manage to get some pictures and of course Grandma D contributed a few [hundred] as well.   ;)

i will start with our visits with dear friends...

we got to see Jason and Darlene and crew several times.... a quick meeting at Lynden City Park of which I didn't take any pictures,  dinner and hanging out at their house a couple times. (which is now their "old" house and have since moved!) 

we got to see Mike and Amy and their twins who are only a few days apart in age from our oldest... 

and our couples Bible study group we were in (which has expanded greatly with children and vans since we left, lol) had a BBQ/bonfire at Jon and Shelly's farm.

friends not pictured were:
a day trip to Seattle to meet up with Brad and Steph and their little pumpkin about the same age as our miss baby.  shopping at Southcenter mall (which has my fave store H&M! yay!) and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. 
a morning at the Bender Fields park with Kara and her crew, which got rained out, since Kara claimed she was going to melt ;) (j/k! i know she won't melt in the rain since we have spent many a rainy day outside growing up together)

It is such a blessing to be able to connect with friends and be able to still connect after the years and miles separate!

Next up:  family time in Lynden :)

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