Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm not sure if I {heart} applesauce

we interrupt the "grand adventure" vacation posts and skip ahead to my day yesterday.

i spent alllllllllllllllll day making applesauce.  the past two years i made applesauce with my good friend sarah but she went and moved to texas on me so i had to go it alone this year.  (not near as fun by myself, hence the title of my post)

i make my applesauce in my vitamix.  sooooo easy. 

my method:
wash apples (i didn't worry about scrubbing them since they had never been sprayed)

chop 'em up (i leave the peel, the vitamix takes care of it all, i also didn't worry about removing too much of the core)

cook 'em up (i had two pots going, in past years we had 4 pots going but i couldn't keep up with that by myself)

strain out cooked apples into vitamix and add sweetener (if needed) and cinnamon if desired
i also make sure there is a little of the cooking water just because i am guessing a lot of the vitamins and nutrients are in there

finished! 29 quart bags to freeze and one jar to eat right away plus one apple crisp for dessert :)

tip:  block baby from kitchen so she doesn't get stepped on or get hot apple dropped on her ;)

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