Thursday, October 28, 2010

first day of school x2

sending two kiddos off to school this year.  it's bittersweet.  i'm not a big fan of the first day of school, because it interrupts my summer. but once they go, i realize how nice it is to have things a bit less hectic at home, and very soon i am wishing my K kid would be going to school 5 days a week instead of 3.  funny how that happens. ;)

i am a bit of a dork (i blame my mother who also liked to do this) and put my girls in matching outfits.  i love picking out fresh "first day of school" outfits for them and decided that they would be ooooh sooo cute in matching plaid skirts, white knee socks and polos.  and they were. except my eldest had a complete break-down a few days before school started as she did not actually want to match her younger sister. they had been picking out matching outfits all summer, declaring each day as "monkey shirt day" or "black day" or whatever else they could find that looked similar.  apparently they did not give me the memo that matching in public is not cool.   so not wanting to start the school year off with tears i gave in to my eldest and let her pick out something else to wear.   oh well, i figure i still have a few years left of putting the younger two in matching outfits :)

yay for 2nd grade!

grandma d was even here to see them off

sigh, the oooh sooo cute outfit on my K kid :)

buddies.  in non-matching outfits.  (sniff)

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