Friday, October 15, 2010


quick update on the 30 day shred...

i finished it this morning and am a little giddy with myself for actually doing this for 30 days straight.  no days off. none. woot!

my results were pretty good... not exactly what i was hoping for but i am still happy with it.   i lost about 3-4 pounds (i was REALLY hoping to see more loss in this department).  i took my measurements each week and from start to finish i lost 11.5 inches total.  most of that was in my waist area and a little bit everywhere else.  YAY!

so the plan is... I am taking the weekend off.   THEN i am going to start the whole thing over again and am hoping to add a few days a week of doing Leslie Sansone's Walk & Jog as well.  I really think i need to add more cardio exercise into this in order to see some more pounds drop. 

okay, that is all.  ;)

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