Thursday, October 7, 2010

still {hearting} my family

i really need to speed up these posts if i want to actually catch up to the present time. 

so on to the next vacation segment.  more family time.  we stayed at my mom's condo, the girls were spoiled rotten as is a grandma's prerogative and i would have it no other way, it was a great time.

she got her quilt! it is amazingly beautiful, thanks grandma d!

so big! the 13th grandchild to use this neeeearrrly 50 year old high chair :)

relaxing with a healthy snack.  thanks aunt yvonne.

miss baby turned 8 months while we were there... my mommy brain no longer allows me to remember milestones since this was more than one week ago ;) 

this was a saturday that the van dalen kids were avoiding chores at home.... bottoms permanently glued to the couch watching scooby doo.

beautiful sunday!


the old trike

breakfast of champions... cap'n crunch berries and waffles (sugar anyone?)
i think my dd #1's face is showing signs of sugar overload

my beautiful sisters

ready to travel with the traveling gnome :)

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