Monday, April 4, 2011


this is my 100th post. yay me????

in other news:

my husband is the bestest.

he just rescued a bird out of our fireplace.

this bird has been haunting me for over 24 hours.  i believed it to be a bat.  i strongly dislike bats. really realllllyyyyy strongly dislike them.   i had visions of it attacking me in the night.  ripping my babies out of my arms.  (k, that may be just a smidge dramatic)

BUT it was a sweet little bird.

a mute bird apparently, as it never made a peep giving us the slightest clue that it was not a bat. an icky gross disgusting foul bat.

it just fluttered it's wings trying to escape the dark.  sounding like a bat. a detestable bat.

now it is free, thanks to my brave, tennis racket and plastic bag armed hubby. 

he rocks.

my world. ;)

that is all

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